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Don Novo And Son Products The Dream Started in the 1950's when the grant , grant father just dream with their own production of pork meat but it was only materialized by his grandson years later 90 miles north where the dream was born .

Jose is hard worker man who walk me around their meat factory before I started his official website, not so fast I had to dress accordantly with the norms and regulation to enter in a food processing plant. I was really impress by the formality and the cleanness of the meat factory located in east Hialeah along side other business in 37th Ave of the North West. I was about to take some pictures of the packaged meat when one of the workers show up with a nice plate and assorted jams, dry pork meat and sausages.

It is my honor to be working with Jose and their Brand Meat Food Company , in the official website you can find description and ingredients of each product and also have a section to hire personal.

If you are looking to do a website for your business, we can bring some light in the overcrowded work of business website.

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