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When you purchase a hosting plan with us is completely FREE a CMS template installation , this template are already design for success you just need to log in and add information to customized the entire website. Easier than designing on your own.  Buy Hosting 



Web Art Miami is created.

Small dream are born alternately, without forms only a vision of creating service for a need using available technology .
First projects are built with the heart of a dreamer. 
Year of Graduation  


As social media emerge massively.

WordPress supporting pages and content share begin to influence design for cms and a faster growing of followers and tendencies for our founder.
New Projects started. 


E-Commerce Sites and CMS Templates .

Since 2007 - 2008 we start considering actual CMS for e-commerce sites that previously we used complicated links to paypal bottoms or other payment options  .


Successful Website in the Beauty and Health Industry. 

Working with Beauty and Health industry our team learn a lot about this industry in particular.
Education Websites were developed too. 


$ 500,000.00 E-Commerce Website become a multi million website selling 492,584 in  8 months. UE Machinery and Parts hire Webartmiami as webmaster. 


More projects, SEO guidance, webinars , youtube-channels.

After success with ecommerce website and info mercial websites our team start a growing path to our days .

Miami deal saving

Miami deal saving is founded in September 2015 to promote work and local business in the Miami Area.

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Evolution ready

Officially open to business wordwide in 2018 evolution ready is  a continuation of our work to help small business to reach competitive market.